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Mobile game development is fast gaining pace in this technological world. With this developments however comes certain huddles which is not properly addressed might result to the downfall of this industry. One such huddle is on how to choose the best game publisher. When choosing a mobile game publisher due diligence ought to be carried out in order to get the best publisher for your game. The following is a guide that seeks to give you actionable Intel in which you should use when pursing the best game publisher.


Take a look at your potential publisher's portfolio


When looking for a game publisher the first and most important factor you ought to consider is relevance of your game publisher's portfolio to your game as well as the mobile advertising platform. Ensure when you a choosing a publisher you limit your option to a publisher that has more experience in publishing similar games as yours. This is important as it means that your potential publisher has dealt with similar game projects as yours and therefore they understand your game design better thereby easing communication between you and the publisher. Secondly with the knowledge from similar game projects as yours they have a better understanding of your target market and audience hence guaranteeing you quality operations. Finally their immense knowledge and ideas can help you enhance the game.


Amount of games your publisher is dealing with


The amount of games your publisher is dealing with is a very important factor to consider when choosing a game developer. Choose a publisher that has very little amount of work on their plate. This is important as it will guarantee you good communications and you getting a lot of resources on your project as opposed to one with large clients and have their hands tied.


Warmness of your publisher


Truth be told, when choosing your game publisher you need to be sure that you are comfortable with your choice as you will be working with them for longer duration of time, months if not years. When picking a good publisher or affiliate advertising network ensure that they are friendly both in their communication and how they handle work. For instance, pick a publisher that is able to fully support your game development even if it diverts slightly with the project plan.


On the area of communication, it's important you evaluate the quality of communication of your publisher and ensure it is of good quality. This means that there response ought to be swift and timely not to delay your game development process.


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